We extend the useful lifeof products by incorporating them in a 360º circular path


At Grupo Armando Alvarez we offer our clients the possibility of collaborating in exclusive closed circuits that we adapt to the needs of each client, which allow us to maintain the chain of custody.

The result of this collaboration is to be able to transform the plastic waste of their packaging, incorporating it back into the market as recycled products; this process is what we call 360º circularity.



How do they work?

What do we achieve with these closed circuits?

  • We reduce the use of virgin raw materials by introducing recycled material in the formulas.
  • We optimize resources by minimizing waste generation.
  • We extend the product life cycle, reducing the possibility that plastic waste may end up in a place where it doesn’t belong.
  • We collaborate with the protection of ecosystems by preserving the chain of custody and keeping material flows under control.


Some examples of 360º products that we work with our customers

Industrial film

Specific agreements with customers, to take advantage of the waste generated from a specific application at the end of its useful life, to include it again, when the customer requests such application.

Hollow body packaging

Specific systems for collection, classification, and reconditioning for REUSE.

Agriculture Film

Specific systems for collection, classification, and treatment of RECYCLED (MAPLA), to give new purpose and uses to these materials. Agriculture Film

If you are looking for other 360º solutions







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