Management of a collection system for used agricultural plastics

MAPLA, Medio Ambiente, Agricultura y Plásticos (Environment, Agriculture and Plastics) is an association created in Spain by the main producers of agricultural plastics, among which are the companies of the Armando Alvarez Group: Aspla, Reyenvas, Solplast and Sotrafa.


Its purpose is to establish a permanent and efficient system to manage the collection of agricultural plastics once they reach the end of their service life

This system is based on a circular economy model, and it will be implemented progressively. It will begin with the systematic collection of the most widely-used plastic films, such as greenhouse covers, mulch, silage, etc. In subsequent stages it will include other products used in agriculture, such as baling twine and mesh, drip irrigation tubes, etc.

What is the basis of the collection system for used agricultural plastics?
Its purpose is to make available to the Spanish agriculture sector the proximity means necessary to provide a proper plastic waste management, making it easier for farmers to meet their obligations. It also seeks to take advantage of the used products collected, mainly by recycling, and thus be able to use them again in new service life cycles.
This collection system for used plastics also meets the principles of increased responsibility for the producer, and of shared responsibility between all the parties to this value chain. The regulations encouraging these projects are promoted by the European Commission itself and by their transposition to the various national legislations.


Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals

Why does Spain need a collection system
for agricultural waste?

Spain is the top producer of fruit and vegetables of the EU, with over 22% of production, and the fifth producer worldwide. The volume of agricultural plastic used in Spain, in spite of being much lower than plastics used in manufacturing or in the household sector, is much higher than in other countries due to the significance of the primary sector in our country.
It is currently estimated that around 20% of all plastic used in agriculture in the EU is consumed in Spain. These significant usage figures entail the challenge of properly managing the used plastics once they reach the end of their service life.
Protecting the environment is a priority task, and it requires that we all (manufacturers, distributors, cooperatives, agricultural associations and farmers) take steps jointly and urgently to guarantee that the use of essential raw materials will not end up negatively affecting the environment due to lack of initiative, lack of adapted resources or lack of logistics or recycling infrastructure.
Would you like to be part of MAPLA?
The Association includes the entire agricultural plastic value chain, comprising agricultural producers and livestock farmers, cooperatives, distributors of agricultural supplies, plastics processors, etc. All stakeholders are joined by their common responsibility to promote efficient solutions to achieve a sustainable agriculture.

Collaboration makes it much easier, cheaper and efficient to achieve good results.






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