Designed to be 100% recyclable


They replace multilayer films with films made from a single type of plastic material, making them 100% recyclable.

The structure of conventional multilayer films is usually made of different materials that don’t always belong to the same family. The reason behind it is that many functional advantages can be achieved with these designs. However, once they reach the end of their useful life, their recycling is more complicated due to the fact that the different layers of the film need to be separated.

On the other hand, films manufactured with only one type of plastic material, for example with different types of polyethylene, are 100% recyclable, because all the layers are made of the same type of material.

Essential Infographic - Monomaterial plastics



What does simplification of structures mean?

In our constant search to provide sustainable solutions, we work with the concept of ECOdesign.

We are committed to the recyclability of our products, replacing complex multi-material structures with simpler ones, while maintaining the functionality or essential properties of the final product.. With this objective, in our R+D+i processes, we develop new multilayer formulations based on the use of a single polymer, using state-of-the-art raw materials that allow us to manufacture more technical and 100% recyclable products.

Through the simplification of structures, Armando Alvarez Group (GAA), meets the main goal of promoting the recyclability of its products, giving value to the waste generated upon reaching the end of the useful life cycle of the product, so it can be easily transformed into a new resource that can be reused in new cycles of the production process, thus enhancing its circularity through recycling.

In addition, we want to reinforce one of the EU’s objectives for the year 2030, which seeks the total recyclability of all packaging in the EU market by that date.

The EU initiative aims to promote the reduction of plastic waste by increasing recycling and reuse. At GAA, we promote this goal by offering a range of innovative and easily recyclable solutions.


We work to increase product recyclability

Film Clarity

Developed in Mono-materials such as MONO PA, MONO PE with EVOH, and MONO PP with EVOH, especially for meat products.

Alternatives for frozen foods, cheese, sauces, and tray lids

Developed with PE, PP, and PET mono-materials.

Alternatives for candy, sweets, and chocolates

PE twist (as an alternative to PET twist).

Clear, white or metallised finish.


PE + barrier (as an alternative to BOPP)