Growth and

environmental care

We understand that growth and environmental care go hand in hand. That is why we incorporate sustainable development in all our activities.



Today, Armando Alvarez Group is a reference in the plastics sector in Europe and in the entire world, with presence in more than 118 countries and a turnover of almost 1,000 million euros.

Since the beginnings in 1954, the development of our business project has been strongly aligned with sustainability, thanks to the work of a committed team of people who are aware of the importance of shared corporate responsibility in our society.

The challenges the world faces today are global and interconnected. However, no single company or organization can meet these challenges alone. That is why we have the firm intention of looking to the future through cooperation with customers, suppliers, consumers, institutions, and diverse organizations so that together we can reach new milestones of innovation, social impact, and sustainable and scalable levels of well-being.



To find our origins we have to go back to the early 60s, to a small carpentry workshop found in Cantabria. That workshop was the epicenter of everything that followed. Although, honestly, there was something more, the vision of an entrepreneur who had the conviction of creating around him a team of people committed to his vision in the packaging sector.

Therefore, just a few years later, in 1964, we created Aspla, the first company of the Group dedicated to the transformation of plastic materials. Since then, we have been incorporating new companies within Spain and abroad, but always keeping intact the differential keys to our success.



Equipo Grupo Armando Alvarez


We are fully aware that there are people behind every business relationship, every production line, and every video conference. Because of this, we want to keep a high degree of commitment and respect for people and their environment, considering, in particular, the challenges that lie ahead in a future where technology plays an increasingly important role.

To this end, we follow a Code of Conduct and Good Governance, promoting equal opportunities, as well as cooperative actions from an alternative and solidarity-based economic model. We also promote stable labor relations with our employees, that is shown in the fact that a large majority of our workers have permanent employment contracts.

Today, we are a group formed by more than 2,400 people who strive every day to create value with an alternative model, progressively more integrated into circular economy. This value is for our customers, to help them grow, boost their businesses, and improve their competitiveness.

But the progress of each of our companies is reflected not only in the improvement of business figures, but also in the consistent quality of the solutions we offer and, in our goal to lead a sustainable development committed to protecting the environment.


guiding values


We work with aninnovative business strategy, with ambitious goals in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility, which are reflected in the GoCircularPlastics project that we would like to share here.

Our Group is also an example of investment in innovation and continuous diversification, supplying tailor-made solutions adapted to multiple sectors. Every year the companies of the Armando Alvarez Group obtain more specific certifications of product approval for diverse industries, aside from the collaborations we keep in terms of R+D+i with customers, suppliers, universities, and research centers.

We are a family business that has grown and evolved without forgetting its origins. We value long-term relationships because we know that staying competitive allows us to continue offering answers adapted to the needs of our markets.

With that in mind, we are always close to our customers, listening, with ongoing dialogue, and developing value proposals to help them meet their objectives.


One of the keys to achieving the goals we set for ourselves is to have a well-integrated staff that is committed to each of the projects we undertake.

Maintaining solid business relationships, capable of withstanding periods as demanding as the one we experienced with COVID, requires a high degree of leadership, motivation, and empathy with customers, suppliers, and colleagues.


We understand that our fundamental purpose is to create value for our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. As a consolidated industrial Group with more than 60 years of existence, we consider not only economic but also social and environmental criteria adopting a circular economy model that guarantees sustainable growth over time, promoting the optimization of resources, the reduction of raw material consumption, and the use of waste, recycling it and giving it a new life.

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GoCircularPlastics places us at the forefront of the best practices in the environmental field in our sector, thanks to a work commitment focused on our calling to be transformers of sustainable packaging and to be involved in projects that generate a positive global impact on the planet.