We create value by studying, improving and innovating our products, using our proprietary tools, ECOcycle and ECOtool.


Within the current economic context, design goes beyond the scope of products to influence other company areas, leading us to even rethink our own business models.

We have the responsibility to proactively contribute to these changes and, to this end, we have established the aim to expand our range of solutions so that they are even more sustainable.


What do we offer our clients?
At the Armando Alvarez Group we work with brands from around the world, who seek to protect their products with functional, safe, attractive containers and packaging, which in turn will contribute to better environmental protection.

Consultancy service in the development of new products.

Use of tools that help to identify the environmental impact of each of these new products.

Creation of different scenarios, to offer our customers a solution that meets their sustainability goals.

Stages in the

of new products

This process is performed jointly between our team, customers, suppliers and partners.

ECOdesign graphic

We explain each
Stage of ECOdesign


Product life cycle assessment (LCA)

To help our customers make better decisions and choose more sustainable packaging we determine the environmental profile of a our products. This provides us with information on the environmental impact that the product generates during the various stages of its life cycle.

It allows us to identify opportunities for improvement and to take the necessary action to reduce this impact, to optimise the ECOdesign.

How do we perform the product life cycle assessment?

We follow the Environmental Product Declaration system (EPD®) which, following the standard ISO 14025:2006, lets us check the categories of key impacts that determine the environmental performance in each stage of the product life cycle:


Our tool allows us to:

  • Provide information on the environmental profile of different products.
  • Identify areas for improvement to ECOdesign the product.
  • Determine the order of priority depending on the significance of the environmental impact.

By assessing a product’s life cycle, we are able to offer companies an objective, methodical, systematic and scientific data-based environmental management tool.

Our customers are guaranteed that this ECOcycle calculation tool is produced by an independent third party.


Production of various environmental impact scenarios

We propose a personalised approach for each customer, helping companies reach their sustainability goals, while at the same time we explore potential economic benefits they could achieve with the ECOdesign of their products.

We work with another tool developed internally, ECOtool, through simulations and comparisons of various scenarios, acting as a guide for customers to establish short-, medium- and long-term goals, helping them to make more sustainable decisions.

Advantages of the tool:

  • Compare different scenarios to choose the most favourable, suited to their priorities.
  • Establish the different product evolution stages, which will allow us to increase success rate on the certification processes of the materials at the customer’s facilities.
  • Align the customer’s sustainability goals with their product’s economic impact.
  • Act as a guide for decision taking based on scientific and measurable criteria.


Choice and development of the best certified solutions

Find out about our range of ECOsolutions

We offer a wide range of sustainable solutions that lead to products that are more efficient and have a lower environmental impact. These ranges can be implemented in a product independently, or they can also be combined, providing further benefits.