As a fundamental element of our productive activity



“The current situation confronts us with great future challenges related to the environment, society, economy, and politics. For that reason, Armando Alvarez Group became part of the United Nations Global Compact in 2018, acquiring a commitment to the 10 principles that govern it, in terms of respect for Human Rights, protection of labor rights, prevention of corruption, and respect for the environment.

As a Group, we have made a firm commitment to the Sustainability Development Goals, which we integrate into our Corporate Social Responsibility approach. With this in mind, we have chosen a circular economy model that guarantees sustainable growth over time, promoting the optimization of resources, the reduction of raw material consumption and the reutilization of our waste, recycling it, and giving it a new life. This will allow us to continue growing in the markets were we are present, and at the same time contribute with our activity to the construction of a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable society.

Our vision, as pioneers in the transformation of plastic materials in Spain, has led us to prioritize the environment as a fundamental element in our productive activity. Therefore, we try to optimize the consumption of natural resources, work continuously on innovation, and the development of products and production processes based on the utmost respect for the environment.

In addition, to reduce the environmental impact of our products and meet the new needs of our customers, the Group’s companies carry out research and development work to incorporate new resilient materials with a greater ecological component in our products, for both agricultural and packaging. Also, product life cycles are being optimized through new waste collection and revaluation systems, thus contributing to progress towards a fully circular economy.

More than 2,000 people make up the Armando Alvarez Group, working with professionalism and dedication in line with the different objectives of the Group’s companies. For this reason, Armando Alvarez has applied a sustainable and mainly local hiring policy among its main strategic focuses. Our commitment is to provide employment opportunities that contribute to the well-being of the communities where we operate, always respecting human and labor rights and promoting stability in our workforces”.

José Ramón Álvarez Ribalaygua
President of Armando Alvarez Group