We offer more sustainable solutions by optimizing product structures


This is the range of products that we manufacture with the goal of increasing their performance.

We are constantly innovating to increase the performance of our products, which means immediate improvements in efficiency and optimization of the amount of material introduced in to the market.

Through these developments, which are achieved using ECO-design, we can offer direct innovations in the competitiveness of our products and a continuous improvement in environmental impact. We can design thinner films capable of performing the same functions or reduce the weight of packaging per packed unit, without compromising its functionality.

Cutting-edge Technology

the key to achieving this

Our policy of continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology in all our production systems: Blown, Cast and Blow molding, allows us to increase product performance, especially in those processes where multilayer coextrusion is applicable.

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thickness reduction


specific additives


2 x 1



to offer more efficient solutions



Once the specific standards required by each customer have been defined, we proceed to select the latest generation of raw materials to optimally distribute them in multilayer structures (both films and rigid packaging) As a result, we can offer more efficient and sustainable alternatives.

The improvements in the efficiency of our products achieve the following:

  • Increased yields.
  • Reduction of the total unit weight by introducing less plastic into the market.
  • Savings in resource management.
  • Reductions in carbon footprint without affecting quality or safety.

with gauge reduction

We work to develop thinner products

Cover of greenhouse
(Optima range)

They allow allow gauge optimizations to achieve more efficient products while maintaining an outstanding functionality.

Stretch Hood
(Optima range)

They allow very thin products that combine high performance with significant material reductions.


We use the best raw materials in the market (100% recyclable) to offer constant quality at low thicknesses.

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Use of
specific additives

Starting from the ECO-design of the product and depending on its purpose, specific additives can be incorporated to reduce the use of polymers, adding other advantages such as:

  • Achieving more sustainable and functional products by substituting polymeric material in its structure.
  • Increasing mechanical, physical, and thermal properties, such as resistance to impact, puncture resistance, or tearing, after the specific selection of the additives used based on the final application of the product.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint, improving the balance of the life-cycle of plastics and that way achieving more environmentally friendly products.
  • They are compatible with the polymers we use and are 100% recyclable.
  • Reduction of energy consumptions during the production process and therefore CO2 emissions.

To achieve these improvements in the ergonomics of the container or packaging, we use additives that are always suitable for food contactin a wide variety of applications, generating an excellent dispersion of these additives in the polymer matrix of the final product.

With the use of specific additives

our developments minimize the use of polyolefins

Blow molding containers
(hollow body)

Provides a better finish and smoothness to the product, reducing wall thickness and maintaining mechanical properties.


The use of new generations of environmentally friendly fillers provides improved barrier properties (O₂ and H₂O).

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2 x 1 Films
(2 functions in 1 film)

One of the advantages of achieving the correct combination of advanced materials in the structure of our products is that a single film can adopt a double function when the usual practice is to use several films to cover each of the functions separately.

Thanks to this 2×1 innovation, which is mainly used in agricultural films, we achieve the following:

  • Optimize the product use
  • Reduce the total weight of plastic introduced in the market
  • Extend its useful life.

With these dual-functional solutions, we also help our customers to reduce costs by reducing the time required to install and remove the plastic after its use.

2 functions in 1

We develop products with a double function

High Gas Barrier Agricultural Film (TIF)
This film fulfills the functions of agricultural soil disinfection according to the standard UNE-EN 17098.

It is a single film that can perform the double function of soil disinfection and then be used as a mulch film, protecting crops during their growth.

Rey Pro TR

A two-color multilayer film (black and white) that has, over its white side, adhered a layer of black Bio film, and when this black bio layer degrades it exposes the white layer underneath. With this film you can take advantage of the black film in early crops and without having to flip the film around or substitute it you can take advantage of the white reflective side once the degradation of the black layer has been completed.

If you are looking for other 2 x 1 solutions: