Clean Sweep

We take on the challenge of “Zero Pellets Loss”

What is Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS)?

Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is a global plastics industry initiative to prevent the release of plastic particles (pellets, flakes, powder) into the environment, which can occur unintentionally at any stage of the plastics value chain: production, handling, transport, processing, and recycling.

The OCS is a voluntary program for a responsible management of plastics. Its purpose is to help ensure that all operations that handle plastic pellets apply good cleaning and control practices, thereby preventing leakage into the environment.

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Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals

Our Company

within the OCS program

In 2017 we became part of this program through the ANAIP Association(National Association of Plastics Industries), holder of the OCS rights in Spain. Armando Alvarez Group is committed to achieving “Zero pellet loss”, seeking continuous improvement of our environmental management systems.

How does it work?

Each of our companies participating in the program prepares a risk analysis system that guarantees the correct identification and assessment of the critical points of potential pellet losses. On the one hand, we seek to prevent unintentional spills into the environment throughout our production process and, on the other hand, to raise awareness among our partners about the importance of preventing this from happening.

Two of our Group companies, Aspla-Plásticos Españoles, S.A. and Macresac, aside from being part of the voluntary OCS program, have taken a step further by being certified by AENOR (Spanish Standardization and Certification Association).

ECOinitiative included in the best practices of the United Nations Global Compact, which promotes sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.






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