Wrap it

in Pink

We support breast cancer research with our initiative Wrap it in Pink

Wrap it in Pink, is a Humanitarian initiative developed by Aspla, a company of the Armando Alvarez Group, in collaboration with the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC) to support breast cancer research.

The initiative to wrap the bales of fodder with pink film came about a few years ago, helped by the close relationship that AA Group companies keep with their corresponding local communities. Therefore, given that we employ a significant number of people from these neighboring areas, the promotion of greater social development is done through collaborative actions with local organizations and associations.

This initiative is a reflection of our commitment to society, creating value through our business actions.


Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable Development Goals



The sums collected increase year after year, bringing the accumulated amount to over €60,000 since the beginning of this campaign in 2018.

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Humanitarian initiative

wrap it in pink

The campaign consists of the sale of pink film, Silograss brand, to wrap the fodder bales used to feed dairy cattle. Through this gesture of the farmer using a pink plastic film to protect the fodder bales, instead of the standard color, which usually is black, white, or green, funds are raised and donated entirely to medical research on breast cancer.

The campaign has a great visual impact, seeing large pink grass bales in the fields, a color that is quickly identified with the fight against breast cancer.

How are the funds generated by the campaign used?

The funds raised are destined to the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC).

According to Piero Crespo, director of IBBTEC, the contributions are directed specifically to an innovative line of research aimed at “the study of a tumor marker that we initially found in melanoma, and which is a cytoplasmic protein whose presence indicates which of these melanomas will be sensitive to the therapy currently used in hospitals”.

It has also been discovered that this marker can also be an indicator of aggressiveness in breast tumors, so research continues in this direction.

Corporate commitment

This type of collaboration gives companies a new role in society and is a source of satisfaction for customers, employees, and other groups that share the benefits of the results obtained.

Aspla is extremely satisfied to see how, thanks to the excellent reception of this humanitarian initiative, it continues to grow year after year to support medical research and to be able to continue to move forward this important work for society.


Created in 2007, IBBTEC is a mixed nature research institute, jointly owned by the University of Cantabria, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the regional government through Sodercan (Society for the Development of Cantabria).

With an important global reach, the institute has two basic goals: on the one hand, to carry out basic and applied research of excellence in biomedicine and biology of animal cells and microorganisms, as well as their biotechnological applications and, on the other hand, to transfer the knowledge generated to the productive sector and society.

To achieve these goals, IBBTEC has around 100 professionals, including researchers, specialized technicians, and management staff. With 13 research groups, distributed in the departments of Cellular and Molecular Signaling (7 groups) and Microbiology and Genomics (6 groups), the institute develops scientific activity in 6 research areas: Cancer, Immunology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology and Genomics, Structural Biology and Neuropharmacology.

ECOinitiative included in the best practices of the United Nations Global Compact, which promotes sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.




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